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Infant Program providing care for children 10 to 18 months

"Children learn as they PLAY.  Most importantly, in play CHILDREN learn how to LEARN." - O. Fred Donaldson
Here at Aurora Early Learning Centre, we recognize and acknowledge the flexibility that is needed to accommodate our Littlest Learners.  With our program providing care for infants as young as 3 months old, our educators are dedicated to creating an environment that is
safe, nurturing and full of love.    

Our qualified educators design and implement a program that fosters the love of learning, exploration and curiosity.  Planned experiences and learning objectives are reflective of Ontario's Pedagogy How Does Learning Happen? and The ELECT document (Early Learning for Every Child Today),  ensuring that our little ones receive the support they need to achieve their individual milestones in all developmental domains including Social, Emotional, Communication, Cognitive and Physical.

The Infant Room is equipped with developmentally appropriate materials and manipulatives to stimulate and encourage growth in all aspects of learning.  Baby Sign Language is also implemented to allow infants to communicate emotions, desires and objects prior to spoken language development.  Infants will be presented with opportunities to engange in experiences that promote exploration using all of their senses.  Art is an integral part of our program, as it serves as an outlet of personal expression and communication.  

We understand that a positive and open relationship with families is crucial to the success and development of a child.  Our families are always encouraged to share any information about their child at drop off in order to create a seamless home to daycare transition.  At pick up, you will receive a summary of your child's day including their feeding, diapering and experiences.  We are a Breastfeeding Friendly facility and welcome our moms to leave bottled expressed milk for their babies as well.  We also accommodate cloth/re-usable diapers.

Upon registration, you and your child will have the opportunity to visit our centre together to explore and become comfortable with the enviroment.  Our educators work with families as partners in order to provide the best care for children preparing them for the next stages in development. 

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